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Dr. Stiles

The most important thing you can do for yourself is schedule and keep your hygiene appointment. Emerging science reveals the connection linking the mouth with the rest of the body. The significance of these mouth-body and oral-systemic connections highlight the importance of preventing and treating oral disease that can have mounting and profound medical impacts on "whole body" health. Patients will enjoy the resulting lifetime benefits of improved oral and general health, healing, longevity and wellness.

10 Reasons to
Choose Dr. Stiles

  1. We value your time and are committed to seating patients on time.
  2. We have a very friendly staff and we love dentistry.
  3. We devote many hours to clinical excellence. We are highly trained and capable to answer any question you may have.
  4. Our facility is state of the art. Patient safety is never compromised.
  5. Our surveys have shown that 100% of our patients would refer their family and friends to us.
  6. We offer a full range of dental services for all ages - same day restorations and full mouth restorations.
  7. We use premier labs in the US with the highest quality materials to assure superior outcomes.
  8. We offer insurance solutions and interest-free financing options.
  9. Doctor owned practice where investment is in you and the practice.
  10. The office is conveniently located with handicapped parking and 24/7 access to dental care via emergency service monitoring.

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